God Is So Much More Than Who We "Think" He Is


Religion has corrupted and poisoned the reputation of God, making Him out to be a sadistic "puppeteer", or an iron-fisted "celestial super power" you can't dare approach unless you are living a "perfect" life, and perform as a "perfect" being.  There's no such thing to be had.  Life is no respecter of our identity and some of the curves it throws at us makes perfection just a definition of something well beyond our reach.

There's a reason for that--- If we "were" perfect, what would be our need for God? From what, would the desire come to seek out relationship with Him?

We are "created in His image" for a beautiful purpose of His own design. Simplistic in its explanation... He desires, craves to love us and to be loved by us.

The beauty of the love of God, is we can do nothing to earn it, nor can we do anything to escape it. 



The reality and truth in that fact gets lost in our "trying to get it together" first, expecting He's going to have stipulations and rules before He will. Nope. Wrong concept. If that were true, then the Purpose of the Cross would be in vain and Jesus enduring the evil brutality inflicted upon Him would have been a merciless, senseless allowance from God.

 Knowing exactly how mans heart would be selfish, He still breathed His “life-giving essence” into our existence! He still created ‘us’,  knowing He would have to die to save us from our own rebellious acts against the Heart Who loves us, the Mind Who dreamed of us, the Intellect Who designed us, the Will Who brought us “into being”, and the Hands Who formed us. ~ The Holy Source from which the Breath of Life came.~

Jesus,  the epitome of unconditional love~ from which His mercy, grace and forgiveness comes ~ From which “His Plan” was “birthed”…and…”executed”. 

I am, a prodigal daughter who came home to her loving Father and I am the "lost sheep" He came to find. Always, His love finds me and reminds me to whom I belong. I am His, and I LOVE being loved by Him.

Kristal Dollar2 Comments