My Reason To Remember Easter

Today, we celebrate  Easter. A very high percentage celebrates the pagan view and I'm not even sure they realize this.

 As a child, I was dressed up in a pretty new dress, new white patent leather shoes, accessorized with a hat and little purse in which to wear to a church service I attended with siblings, but never parents. I wasn't sure what the "occasion" was about, I just knew that upon returning home we were going to look for brightly colored Easter eggs hidden in inconspicuous places. There was also the promise of an Easter basket with plastic fake grass, overflowing with candy. Later, grandma and grandpa would come over for dinner. It was a day of "fun", treats, stuffed bunnies, tulips and daffodils... but where was the "Lamb"?

Later, when I became a Christian and we began attending church as a family, the church delivered the message of the Life, Crucifixion and Resurrection of my Lord Jesus, the Christ, and mingled within the "Resurrection Announcement", was the promise of "complimentary" Easter baskets distributed to children after the advertised "egg hunt" following the sunrise services.

I can not, in all good conscience, go to church on Easter Sunday anymore... it bothers me so much inside my soul, that the "pagan" emphasis remains an integral part of what is supposed to be celebrating the Risen Christ! Our savior, who two days earlier was beaten, whipped, caned, beyond the recognition of a human being, then nailed to a cross, naked with only a crown of cruel thorns plunged into His head. Raised up in humiliation for all to see... until He died His torturous death.

I choose to stay home and thank Jesus for His sacrifice of His own blood to save me from my sin. Saving me from eternal death and separation from Him, to having a secured, bought, ransomed life for eternity with Him. I thank Him for defeating Satan and hell and taking back the keys of authority over the Earth which were given to Adam but sold out to Satan through deception and greed. 

I thank Him for His resurrection! His super-natural defeat of death by raising from His "physical" death having given His physical body for the blood sacrifice for every human being in which a soul resides. But His Spirit, His Holy Spirit WAS ALIVE! Never to die, but to conquer the curse of sin, death and hell! 

By His power, everything took place as it was divinely orchestrated unto the transformation of His dead physical body to the glorious heavenly state and heaven bound body raised by the Power of the Almighty God!  Showing Himself to all of those who were with Him during His life on Earth, revealing to us all what our own "glorious state" will be like when He calls us home!

Jesus, in my heart is where I can celebrate YOUR "Easter Resurrection". Thanking You, acknowledging You, and worshiping You in the beauty of the TRUTH, honoring EASTER, the TRUE MEANING of the day, not to be shared with paganism.

You gave Your life for ours... YOU ARE THE LAMB OF GOD. The Perfect Sacrifice. The Risen Messiah. May we all truly recognize the Holiness of it and worship YOU... ONLY. Rejecting the pagan shadow and leaving it behind forever. In Your Risen Name of Jesus Christ.

Kristal DollarComment