Soul Peace

When I brought my heart to the feet of Jesus, crying out in despair of a life that seemed to be killing me with mental pain and a soul bound in anguish. I had never been so “laid bare” before anyone, including and especially…God. I could “feel” what I needed to do. I had to just let go of everything and finally trust Him.~ Emotionally exhausted from being plagued with anxiety and depression for ten years, I was so ready~ I didn’t even hesitate. I felt as if I had a “close friend” who genuinely cared about my brokenness.  

As I said the words, “Father, I give You my will., it’s all I have left to offer to You”, my life changed instantly. Right where I was, face down before the LORD, the smothering anguish of my soul was miraculously healed and GONE! Freed of it for the first time in ten years. A sense of true joy filled me and a beautiful transference took place as I finally let go of my “will”, God filled me with the desire for His.♥

 Romans 8:6 :…”But the mind of the Holy Spirit is life and “SOUL PEACE”, both now and forever”. 

What do you need to lay at the feet of Jesus and be rid of Once and For All?

Kristal DollarComment