Who Are We That He Wants To Be With Us?

The other day in one of my times alone with God, I began to realize how much of my life in which I did not invite Him. 

I think most of us has heard the saying, "God is a gentleman, He will not go where He is not invited".  That caused me to tap into my memory banks, and investigate when I actually "invited" God to share in the activities of my life. Other than the times when things weren't going right, even then I didn't "invite" Him, I was always begging Him for help in some way. 

I began thinking of the special times and the important events. The simple "fun and enjoyable" recreational activities... and so on. I thought of how, we, as humans send out "invitations" to family and friends upon special occasions. Whether it be formal engraved invitations, cute little cards, a phone call and now with today's social media, we can send out a "blanket" invitation to all with whom we want to "share" a particular event. Without an invitation would anyone show up to a wedding, a birthday party, a graduation, an anniversary, or the birth of a baby? Even the simple things like back yard barbecues and picnics.

How much richer my life could have been, had I just taken the time to "invite" God to share in all of those "occasions" with me. With us. Not on the outskirts, but as My Father. ~  What's more, is how simple and INFORMAL it is to invite Him.~ He examines our hearts, knows its intent, and hears the simplest of prayers. All of those times during the flurry of plans, I could have stopped for just a moment and whispered that "heart-felt" invitation to Him, "Father, please be not only my guest in this day, but please take Your place within the midst of it. In that alone, I am blessed".

I am ashamed to admit I can't remember ever "requesting the pleasure of His presence".  I truly missed out on the joy of that request, and much more, the honor and pleasure of His faithful "RSVP". 

It has now become a priority to "invite Him" into all that I do, from the simple stroll out to gather eggs from our chickens and playing with the goats, to camping trips, vacations, family dinners, celebrations of every kind. Especially, to meeting me for coffee on the patio in the mornings♥

Kristal DollarComment