Depression? A Christian?!

This site records my personal dedication to the LORD. It is because of His love for me… that I am alive today. Not just because He loved me into existence, but because He has remained faithful all through my life, even in the very darkest of times. He literally, not figuratively, saved my life.  After 10 very long painful years, not just for myself, but for my family as well, the LORD healed me of depression. A depression I would never have believed “possessed” me and wanted to claim my life. The LORD never left me, though at the darkest, most painful times I wondered where He was and IF He still loved me. ~ This was a trial of my faith and a breaking of my independence and “self-reliant strength”. For me, it was a “trial by fire” though I didn’t know it at the time. ~ I believe, as the Bible tells us, God “allows” various hardships in various forms in our lives so that we WILL call out to Him. ~ When we come to “the end of ourselves” meaning, “we no longer trust in our own ability to control our circumstances”… The LORD answers our call. His timing is perfect~~~ Though we may not understand the delay.

I have very little to offer Him in gratitude. That which I do have, I pray it brings Honor to Him and draws others to the truth about His love… through which He rescued and restored my life♥

Kristal Dollar1 Comment