Shake Up Your Life!

This is a familiar place, we have ALL been “there”…. weighing our choices...waiting to see which “life” is best before we make that decision; which step do we want to take?  A decision to which we’ve all been tricked into believing, means the loss of “who we are”.


Not the changes many think, giving in to the deception of all that has to be given up. "Demands" of giving up everything we've ever known which bring us happiness.  No, to the contrary! It is about GAIN. The inexplicable wonders of freedom God has for us!

When God finds us, tugging at our hearts to come to the "life" He has for us, it is stepping into the unveiling TRUTH of what LIFE REALLY IS! A step that leads to the JOY you’ve invested so much time trying to find.  ~ Giving your will over to God… is painless! What's painful, is holding on to it! ~

It  means your restlessness is replaced by His peace. Your fear, is replaced by His courage. Your sorrows are replaced with His Joy, and your brokenness is replaced with His healing and being made whole again. Your insecurities are replaced by the Security of God, PROVING YOUR VALUE. Being a "CHILD OF THE MOST HIGH GOD" has an expensive cost, but it was already paid on the Cross by Jesus, the Christ. Nothing has greater value than being one of GOD'S OWN!~

This world will never satisfy your longings indefinitely, because with God’s intricate design of you, He claimed a place within your heart, within your soul… that NOTHING can fill except, the One Who Loved You Into Existence~  He knew what He was doing… trust Him. The CHANGE IS EXCITING!~♥

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