April 11th, 2017

This page is dedicated to Jesus. Not limiting or categorizing anything about Him, because after all, that places Him within a "box" we humans do so often, only to cheat ourselves of all the wonderful areas in which He is. ~ I want to share all I that I can about Him in later additions to this post, in hopes of inspiring you, the reader, to look into the depths of His identity. Who He "really" is to you, to all of us really. His relationships with us, every one of them, are "custom made" by Him for us. Never to be duplicated, or a "one size fits all" concept.

He loves everyone of us with the SAME amount of love, which is endless in its abundance. But His relationship, "how" He relates to us individually is very different, as we are all different. Jesus knows everything about us, about our hearts, about our minds... about "how" we operate and function in this world. He knows exactly "where and how" to relate to our unique personality. I love that. I need that. I take confidence in that, because not only do I refuse to "place Him in a box", He refuses to do that to us. I wouldn't fit very well in a "box" designed around someone else's life which has nothing in common with my own. Which is why He finds us right where we are, and creates the perfect "atmosphere" in which we can discover everything He desires for us to know about Him, which is everything and without limit. It just depends on how much our heart desires of Him.~