The LORD has blessed us with His beautiful creation... I'd like to share part of that with you.

Mountain Bluebird

Mating Pair of Mountain Bluebirds

Mating Pair of Mountain Bluebirds

Foggy Spring Morning

Foggy Spring Morning

Best friends ... although Daisy looks a bit "rabid" here.

Early Spring Wild Violet... just pretty.

Early Spring Wild Violet... just pretty.

This is Joey, my smiling blue eyed baby. He's 4 months old and I've had him since he was a week old and bottle fed him through the winter. What a sweet blessing that was!

Daisy.... as sassy as she is cute!

Spying for her ball to be thrown...

Spying for her ball to be thrown...

Jessie, looking into the barnyard. She has to stay on that side of the fence because she "likes" chickens "too much". She is our shelter rescue.

This is Jessie, 6 months ago when we brought her home. She was physically abused and emotionally traumatized... with a lot of patience and love, she is happy and healthy now.

This is "Buddy", a 5 month old Nigerian Dwarf Goat. He's a sweetheart and a friend to Joey.

How I feel in the morning before coffee.....

A visiting doe stopping by to share the chickens snack block.

Joey goat and our Welsummer Rooster.

Early morning Robin looking for the early morning worm! 

Buggy drawing water out to wash her neck and back. Water is always a pretty element to photograph, but this is an exceptional shot.

One of our "lady" Ruin quackers...

What I look like AFTER coffee....

Hen Party!

Last years Clematis "fluff". Each strand a seed.... ahhh, the amazing wonders of the LORD.

End of March drive to the North Fork of the Coeur d' Alene river well beyond flood stage. The melt off has only just begun.

I zoomed in for a closer look... such a beautiful animal!

Partners in crime having fun making paths in the deep snow to make it easier for those little short legs.

We celebrate 38 years of marriage this year in April!  It's a blessing to marry your best friend...

I love the old barns on the Palouse. Seen on another weekend drive.


This type of photo always causes me to think of my "walk with the Lord"... I never know what's around the bend, but that is not for me to worry about... because He is with me.

Sweet Boys!


Pretty Sussex Hens

"Fancy", our rooster. He and I are having a battle of wills... It's not nice to "spur" the chicken lady!

"Buggy", our African Goose taking a dip.

Showing off her new flight feathers after an early spring molt.

Enjoying early morning sunshine.

Silhouetted Bluebird striking a pose for me.

Running to catch the morning "gossip"!

A beautiful Moose my husband spotted for me while on a Sunday drive. He was about 50 ft off the road... I wouldn't have seen him, he blends so well with his surroundings.

Beautiful Elk herd foraging on "peninsulas" of what should be dry ground, created by flood waters.

Thank The LORD our business requires excavating equipment. This was how my husband had to clear an over night fall of 2 1/2 ft of snow from our patio!

Jessie's first year of snow. Her previous owner used her specifically for breeding and she knew ONLY the inside of a breeder box.

Buddy and Joey waiting for their ride!